My Dog the Magician

Mary Jo Fay

Can your dog do magic? Perhaps…

Move over Harry Potter – my dog has apparently taken up magic! Perhaps I should enter her in America’s Got Talent! See if you can solve this because I haven’t figured it out yet …

I had been out shopping the other day and when I came home I opened the door, as usual, expecting my little, white Schnauzer Larkin, to greet me exuberantly as always. Nope. No excited pup visible anywhere, bouncing with joy that Mommy’s home!  Something was definitely wrong. She never disappears.



This is an excerpt from NO CHEATIN’, JUST EATIN’, a short insight into the crazy world of food and my junk food junkie lifestyle. This excerpt is taken from Chapter 10, Love or Lust. It takes place just as I was getting my feet back under me after going through divorce.


The first thing I did was put the house on the market. That was tough. I’d spent 16 years there, had made many memories there. It had been the dream I’d had for years. Suddenly it was different. Now it was just a house, not a home anymore. I also sold the last two horses, which actually broke my heart more. I just knew I couldn’t keep up a place that size any more. Not by myself.



Ok, so Halloween is here and if you haven’t been around candy and goodies yet, you likely will be soon! They’re everywhere! Every office you go into. Every neighbor you visit. Every social gathering you attend. You simply can’t escape it! Then, of course, there’s the candy you buy to give out to the Trick or Treaters … I always buy something I don’t like to minimize my wolfing them down myself. (I always buy Whoppers – don’t like them much. Yet last year there were quite a few left and I polished them all off anyway!)