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No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’ garners multiple awards in the diet/health/fitness categories in 2017


Mary Jo Fay, RN, MSN is a speaker, relationship coach, columnist and award-winning author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction. Educated as a nurse, plus time spent as an NICU nurse, she never dreamed that her career would lead her to nursing people’s relationships – including the oftentimes difficult ones they have with themselves. Her previous books include non-fiction self-help works: Get Out Of Your Boxx, When Your Perfect Partner Goes Perfectly Wrong, The Seven Secrets of Love, and Please Dear, Not Tonight – The Truth About Women and Sex.

In this, her latest book, No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’, she focuses on our oftentimes crazy love/hate relationship with food.

Admitting to being a Junk Food Junkie, a chocoholic, and a sugar addict herself, she spent the better part of 40 years yo-yo dieting and binge eating on her search for a weight loss plan that finally made sense; one that literally let her have her cake and eat it too!



  1. Is it true that you are a registered nurse?
  2. Don’t you know this that this type of nutrition goes against the healthier nutritional plans that have been the standard for years? 
  3. Why don’t diets work?
  4. Why do you think as a nation, we are so overweight?
  5. What does “No Cheatin’ Just Eatin” mean?
  6. How can someone eat junk food and still lose weight?
  7. Is any food off limits?
  8. What do you think is one of the most important behaviors for anyone wanting to lose weight?


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