Ok, so Halloween is here and if you haven’t been around candy and goodies yet, you likely will be soon! They’re everywhere! Every office you go into. Every neighbor you visit. Every social gathering you attend. You simply can’t escape it! Then, of course, there’s the candy you buy to give out to the Trick or Treaters … I always buy something I don’t like to minimize my wolfing them down myself. (I always buy Whoppers – don’t like them much. Yet last year there were quite a few left and I polished them all off anyway!)


Chapter 2 from new book “No Cheatin,’ Just Eatin'”

CHAPTER 2 “My God, Girl, Have You Gotten FAT!”

Summer 1976

It was a beautiful summer day as I walked out of the unassuming 7-11 store in tiny, little Whitewater, Wisconsin where I’d spent the first 19 years of my life growing up. Whitewater boasts a population of 12,000 people, a small state university, and lots and lots of farming and milk cows. It was also so small that everyone knew everyone’s business.

First chapters from NO CHEATIN’, JUST EATIN’! by Mary Jo Fay

No Cheatin' ... Just Eatin'INTRODUCTION

Are you the kind of person who has battled your weight at least once in your life, if not all of your life? Do you feel surrounded by thin people everywhere? You know the ones I’m talking about… the ones with the great figures who you always see eating anything they want and never gaining weight.

You hate those people, right? It seems like you just look at food and you gain weight, while they never gain an ounce yet still bring that large Starbucks Mocha Latte worth 190 calories and a couple of donuts worth about 800 calories to the office every day and nope – still never gain an inch around the middle… or anywhere else for that matter.