Sep 162014

controlledWe’re on the second week of hubub and scandal regarding the Ray Rice, domestic- abuse-elevator-punch scene and yet people still don’t get it. The “it?” Why, after getting punched in the face by her then, fiance, Rice’s now wife Janay, didn’t just turn her back and get the hell out of Dodge, mucho pronto.

And she’s not just standing by him – she’s even apologized for her own part in creating the incident itself.

So is she just nuts, or what? Most onlookers ask.

Or is she in it just for the money? Surely, that must be it, right?

Sep 092014

Woman saying NOAs the airwaves are flooded with opinions and questions regarding the recent domestic violence video of NFL player Ray Rice and his apparently overly-forgiving wife, Janay Palmer, one asks “What was she thinking?”

What keeps an obviously beaten woman from running full tilt out the door with her child in hand, when it’s obvious that she’s involved with a man who clearly believes that physical violence is ok?

And why on Earth did she still marry him when she had the chance to back out after the first video surfaced, showing him dragging her out of an elevator, quite unconscious?

Feb 272014


As Valentine’s Day fades away, the flowers die, and the chocolates are gone, those broken-hearted souls who missed out having a happy experience with the Lover’s Holiday will likely turn once again to the Internet in search of a mate. Especially with the tantalizing ads for eHarmony, Match, and so many others virtually promising instant love and marriage to anyone with a keyboard.

Yet little is ever spoken about the dark side of Internet dating … the blatant deceptions, the outright lies, and the dangers that lie within.