Oct 152014



It’s been several, amazing years, now, since the magic blue pill for men has revitalized bedrooms across the world and let millions of them back in the game after untold months or years being benched in the bedroom. Yet, while men everywhere now have a magic bullet to get them rocketing to attention, many wonder why it is taking so long to come up with a female Viagra to get the ladies jumping into the game as well.

Oct 012014

caveman-womanI can’t tell you how many times my male dating clients ask me, “Why do women only want the Bad Boys? I’m a kind, decent, respectful guy. I don’t abuse women. Why I even bring them gifts, open doors for them whenever possible, and pick up the tab routinely. “And yet, so many times I’m dating a gal for a while and suddenly she’s getting contacted by her ex mate – a pretty low-life bully, as she has described him to me many times – and she’s decided to go back to him.

Sep 162014

controlledWe’re on the second week of hubub and scandal regarding the Ray Rice, domestic- abuse-elevator-punch scene and yet people still don’t get it. The “it?” Why, after getting punched in the face by her then, fiance, Rice’s now wife Janay, didn’t just turn her back and get the hell out of Dodge, mucho pronto.

And she’s not just standing by him – she’s even apologized for her own part in creating the incident itself.

So is she just nuts, or what? Most onlookers ask.

Or is she in it just for the money? Surely, that must be it, right?