Feb 272014


As Valentine’s Day fades away, the flowers die, and the chocolates are gone, those broken-hearted souls who missed out having a happy experience with the Lover’s Holiday will likely turn once again to the Internet in search of a mate. Especially with the tantalizing ads for eHarmony, Match, and so many others virtually promising instant love and marriage to anyone with a keyboard.

Yet little is ever spoken about the dark side of Internet dating … the blatant deceptions, the outright lies, and the dangers that lie within.

Feb 052014

caveman-womanYep – it’s almost Valentine’s Day. That day when lovers everywhere all go forth to bring back to their dear one some symbol of their undying love … er, or at least, their undying attention!

There’s cards with cupids and hearts and arrows and mushy words that most guys cringe even just picking up, much less choosing the right one for their gals.

Some romantic guys may dream that their gals meet them for dinner wearing nothing but a trench coat. Guys are simple that way.

Women, of course, usually dream of engagement rings, flowers, dinner out, chocolates, and God knows what else.

Jan 172014
What gift?


With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought perhaps you men out there could use a little help in knowing how to get your lady happy and to keep her that way. After all, if done right, the smart Valentine’s gift can make your love life go “BA BOOM!” Right? And wouldn’t you love that?

Well, I’d still get the flowers or the chocolates, or the fancy dinner out, but the most important gift you can give her that could definitely improve your odds of getting her “in the mood” more regularly, is this little blurb that should improve your intimacy for years to come!