Mar 182016


So many see him as a savior: Someone who will make America great again. Someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Someone who gallantly breaks all the rules. Someone who entertains his audiences as if running the most powerful country in the world is the same as running a very staged, drama-filled reality TV show.

Most voters love the fact that Donald Trump’s amazing wealth certainly gives him the power to do as he wishes, as he’s beholding to no one. I admit, that does have a certain appeal to many Americans who are sick of the political game-playing by traditional politicians who are in bed with financial backers who seem to call the shots, despite what might be right for the country.

Feb 052016
A pair of lovers in a heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while the traditional flowers and candy will rarely be rebuked, truly smart gift givers can do so much better.

Whether you’re in a start-up relationship or a long-term love, these tips will keep you either out of hot water or up to your eyeballs in deep doo-doo! So choose wisely!

A pair of lovers in a heartDo: Do listen when your mate nonchalantly mentions something in passing that they like … from a type of candy to jewelry to that Home Depot specialty tool, the fact that you heard the idea and put it in your memory banks to pull out  later will usually yield huge brownie points for you in the long-run.

Jun 292015


Ok, so here’s the question everyone is asking, and no one is really answering: How did two convicted and dangerous murderers behind bars manipulate female employee, Joyce Mitchell, into helping them escape maximum security prison in the first place?

To the average person, the idea of even being in the same room with monsters such as Richard Matt and David Sweat would have their fear factor in the red zone.

But for Joyce Mitchell to allegedly have a romantic, intimate relationship with these predators leaves most people totally confused.