Mar 112015
How is drinking a cup of tea like sex? Find out while you laugh your ass off!

How is drinking a cup of tea like sex? Find out while you laugh your ass off!

Today I’m bringing you a GUEST BLOG FROM – A British writer I believe. I have never asked anyone to allow me to post their blogs with me before but this one is a MUST READ, both for absolute fun while at the same time very eye-opening to anyone getting intimate with someone.


Mar 062015

Woman saying NO

It didn’t take long for the first reported case of sexual assault based on the new film “50 Shades of Grey” to jump from the big screen to real life. An accused rapist, a freshman at University of Illinois Chicago, claims he and a young lady who he’d previously been intimate with, (although not currently dating,) were re-enacting a scene from 50 Shades of Grey when he bound her up, blindfolded her, stuffed a tie in her mouth, attacked her with a leather belt, punched her, and raped her, despite her protests.

Jan 262015


Dating Couple As millions of readers across the globe eagerly await the new steamy “Fifty Shades of Grey” film, I’m thrilled to see people actually starting to chat more openly about intimacy.

For as open as our culture is about s-e-x on television, PORN on the computers, and the 3 Date Rule causing so many to jump into bed by the third date, we still have a tendency not to talk about the realities of the sexual side of love in an open and comfortable way. So thank God this trilogy is getting us talking!