“No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’ takes the bronze in both writing (Mary Jo) and editing (Barb Munson) in Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association competition for 2017.

“No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’ takes the bronze in both writing (Mary Jo) and editing (Barb Munson)
in Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association competition for 2017.

We’re all familiar with the Oscars; that prestigious event that rewards great acting, writing and directing of the best of films from the big screen. With lots of pomp and circumstance, the Oscars return once a year and the celebrities, whether they’re for an award or not, compete as much in their selection of exotic attire as they do in their lengthy thank you speeches.

Each nominated person (and their family and friends) hold their breath as the finalists in each category are announced, then run to the stage ecstatic and blubbering all over the place.

After the 3 hour TV event, the big celebrating goes on at the after parties where the winners pose for photo opps yet again – only now holding their heavy statues for all to admire. And of course, the winners are now recognized as. being the best of the best! Suddenly wanted by everyone. And their salary goes up instantly. Recognition of excellence pays off!

Me and my editor Barb Munson, winning awards for my book, “No Cheating’ Just Eatin’ from the CIPA /evvy Awards, August 2017.

Well, you might not be aware that the world of books has their own Oscars as well, only the nominated are books; those who wrote them and all those best supporting folks who brought the writer’s story or idea to life! (Editors. Cover designers, etc.) And just as the film world has several movie award competitions throughout the year, (Oscars, Golden Globes, Critic’s Choice) so does the book world.Award Winner

Authors spend hour after hour, month after month, sometime year after year turning their ideas into something that goes from just a dream into something they can actually hold in their hands. It’s something a kin to being pregnant for 9 long months and finally being able to hold your baby in your hand! Of course they love their babies, but the real question is, “Will anyone else love it?”

And so authors across the globe enter their works in various book competition for a variety of reasons; for recognition, to be more credible, and to prove to everyone that it wasn’t just their friends and family members who said their book was wonderful!

The winners can then display a special seal of approval on their book covers; something akin to an Oscar-like statue in the form of a seal of approval, so to speak.

These shiny emblems on their books tells the world that these books are the best of the best. They have been fully “vetted,” as the politicians like to say. And their stories or their how-to advice between the covers should leave most readers satisfied and then some.

So what does all of this have to do with you? It’s just a little reminder to seek books with those special seals on their jackets. And the more, the merrier! Lots of seals means lots of folks gave their nods of approval. And the author can now claim the title “Award Wining Author.”

And If you know or meet an author with those special seals on their books, be sure to congratulate them for their book “Oscar.” They will appreciate that you know just what it means.

As an award-winning author myself, having won awards on nearly all my books, I am always honored that my judges and readers alike found something meaningful in my words. Of course I display my seal of approval on all my books, but honestly the even bigger Oscar for me is when a reader tells me how something I wrote changed their lives forever! (In some good way, of course!) Or that they read it in a few hours because they simply couldn’t put it down! Or how they saw their own stories within the pages … Well, there is no better reward for me than that.

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