They say a picture says 1,000 words. I hope these will pique your interest as I chased my weight for so many years. You may even recognize some pics that tie into the many stories in the book. 

What would YOUR life's photo gallery of chasing your weight look like?


Mary Jo and her dog Asher
Kisses from a friend.
Mary Jo and daughter, Shaun
Mary Jo and daughter, Shaun
Feeling great in my own skin
At last, feeling comfortable in my own skin.
A heavier me
A heavier me.
Poured into that dress!


As the author of several how-to self-help books, I was tossing around the best format for an idea I had in mind for No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’, when my very wise, 33-year-old daughter said to me, “Mom, the world doesn’t need another diet book. Write YOUR story.”

So I did a quick study of the hundreds of diet books on Amazon and she was right. There was an absolutely un-ending supply of books about what to eat, what not to eat. They had tons of recipes. Hundreds of exercises to tweak and tone various body parts. And of course, all the advice on fats, carbs, proteins, kale, vegan, organic – the list goes on.

While there was some memoir type of books that included diets, with some great before and after stories, they mostly followed one recognized “normal/healthy” diet plan or another as their magic pill to drop the pounds. Which is ideal, of course. But I knew there was still a huge group of us Junk Food Junkies who simply wouldn’t even start a diet if it was going to be the same-ole, same-ole eating advice.

What there wasn’t, was a book about how we Junk Fooders could still eat our junk but still lose weight. And ironically, that’s exactly how I’d lost my 50+ pounds!


First, let me say that I have had no professional training in writing. No creative writing classes outside of whatever public school teaches. My writing career began at age 10 or 11 when I sent my first short story about a pony into Reader’s Digest and promptly got a rejection letter. I think I cried for a week as my parents struggled with how to gently explain that my writing wasn’t up to par for a professional magazine. And how that was OK for a ten-year-old.

Fast forward to age 28 or so and I got two articles published in professional peer-reviewed nursing journals. Somebody liked my writing! And it wasn’t just my parents!

Several years passed and I dabbled with a “horsie” novel for the tween girl audience, but it got tabled for many years while other life events took center stage.

In 2003 I discovered the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association, which was where I learned about self-publishing and produced my first book in 13 weeks. I’ve written a total of 6 books now and in the meantime have taken up an interest in writing screenplays, which I have several, including the horsie one that had been collecting dust for several years. Unfortunately, getting a door to open in Hollywood isn’t easy and I’m still waiting for my big break there.

And finally today, I have penned what I hope will be my most memorable work in terms of helping people. I truly get my writing ideas from God above and when he hit me over the head with this topic it was a lightning strike! Powerful and electrifying! I hope that No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’ will change your life for the better, as it has for me. And hopefully, if we all spread the word, we can change the health of the world…one pound at a time.

When you’re happy with your body, it shows.

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