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Singles SceneDating, Mating (yep – intimacy!), and Relating

The 3 topics that people are always dying to understand!

There are so many questions surrounding this confusing topic, like …

  • Why is dating so hard?
  • How do I heal after a bad relationship?
  • How do I get better intimacy with my partner?
  • Am I being too picky in choosing a mate?

What am I doing wrong?!  

  • Are you in, or recovering from, an unhealthy relationship? 
  • Do you want to learn what it takes to get healthy and have a truly healthy relationship?
  • Do you wish for increased connectedness and incredible intimacy with your mate?

Mary Jo Fay

As a Registered Nurse and the author of 4 relationship/self-help books and one erotic thriller, the leader of Denver’s Best Dating, Mating, and Relating Meetup Group, the founder of the Intimacy College, and an active dater myself, my clients begged me for more info on three of the most tricky relationship topics!

1. How to extricate yourself from an unhealthy relationship and find a healthy one.
2. How to become a dynamic dater, and knowledgeably navigate the dating minefield as you search for a healthy mate.
3. How to Increase your Intimacy Quotient (yep – Intimacy IQ) and keep the sparks flying inside the bedroom and out when you find your perfect match …

Living coupleWhat would your life look like if …

You were with Mr. or Ms. Right?

Celebrating a wonderful relationship without stress or strife?

You were having the greatest intimacy of your life?

Mary Jo Fay

If you are not where you want to be – relationship-wise – I can help you get there! 


  • Sign up for my blog where I’ll give you my “two cents worth” on every topic that relates to Dating, Mating, and Relating.
  • Have me speak to your group.
  • Sign up for coaching sessions to hone your skills.
  • Check out one of my helpful books, specific to where you are in the relationship race.
  • If you live in Denver, join my Meetup groups and meet lots of eligible singles!

It’s not Serendipity who we fall in love with … it’s about making smart choices.  

Knowledge is power, you CAN learn how to search for fulfilling love … with the right tools!

 Mary Jo has just the book for you, no matter where you are in the relationship race! Go to our Store page to order.Books by Mary Jo Fay


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